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Most Joint Support Supplements Don’t Work

Seeing your beloved best friend feel worse and worse day by day is excruciating. 

Joint pain can erode our dogs’ joy of life and activity levels step-by-step. 

It may start with a barely visible hesitation before jumping on the couch, but next they start avoid walking, and might even get to a point where walking and jumping becomes a big burden.

Like a good dog parent you naturally want a solution. So you go to Amazon or some pet store and pick up something that looks good at first sight.

And then, often, after a month or two of feeding the supplement to your dog … not much happens.

There are hundreds of joint care supplements available on the market, but most don’t work.


  • They do not contain big enough doses of active ingredients to actually work
  • They are based on active ingredients for which their is no scientific proof that they work

Help Your Dog With Clinically Proven Supplements

The solution is simple. 

  1. Only go with joint support supplements that have ingredients that are clinically proven to work.
  2. Make sure they have enough of those active ingredients to actually work as advertised.

Pawital Power Move is Clinically Proven to Work

Pawital Power Move is a holistic joint solution that helps your dog’s joints from the inside out. 

The formula is built around Ovopet, an eggshell-derived active ingredient that is clinically proven to work.