The Undeniable Connection Between Microbiota & Your Dog's Hidden Discomforts

Peel back the layers on your dog's digestive mysteries, behavioral quirks, and skin issues... and discover how optimizing ONE foundational system can transform their health journey.

Every pet parent dreams of giving their furry friend a life brimming with energy, health, and happiness.

But did you know that one of the most significant health secrets for your dog lies deep within them?

Inside every dog's gut is a complex universe teeming with trillions of tiny organisms: bacteria, fungi, and even viruses.

Collectively, these are known as the microbiota.

Imagine a vast ecosystem inside your pet, where "good" bacteria work tirelessly to maintain a harmonious balance, ensuring that "bad" bacteria remain in check.

A well-balanced microbiota enables your dog to have optimal digestion, strong natural defenses, healthy skin and coat, and even keeps them in a good mood, happy and active.

In short - this ecosystem is extremely important and taking care of it saves us a whole lot of troubles, worries, and vet visits.

Here's the Twist: Your dog’s microbiota is constantly under attack

There are several things that can throw your dog’s internal universe out of whack:

  • processed foods (so, most kibble and treats),
  • low fiber intake (very common with dogs),
  • a change in their regular diet,
  • medicines, especially antibiotics,
  • environmental toxins and pollution,
  • stress and travel,
  • diseases, infections…

Their microbiota can even change just because of age, a change in their environment, or daily routine.

This imbalance can pave the way for numerous health issues, from unpleasant itchy paws and ears to digestive woes and allergies all the way to more serious, long-term issues and diseases.

But fear not, because here's where we come in with the ultimate solution!

A science-driven, human-grade and natural solution for optimal digestion, immunity, and comfort

If you think it’s just another probiotic mix, you would be very wrong…

This is something different and part of a whole new generation of cutting-edge, scientifically validated supplements meant to support your dog in a holistic, natural way.

We are talking about postbiotics - the saviors and safe-keepers of your dog’s microbiota.

Yes, not pre or pro - postbiotics are beneficial compounds produced by probiotics during fermentation. They help safeguard the microbiota by:

  • Nourishing Good Bacteria: They provide food or favorable conditions for beneficial bacteria to grow.
  • Fighting Harmful Bacteria: They can produce substances that stop harmful bacteria from growing or sticking to the gut walls.
  • Supporting Gut Health: They can help maintain the health of the gut lining, ensuring it works properly.
  • Reducing Inflammation: They can calm down harmful inflammatory responses in the gut.

In essence, postbiotics act like a support team, helping the good bacteria in their gut thrive and keeping the bad ones in check, which in turn has a massive positive impact on your dog’s overall health, well-being, and longevity.

Which is why it was a no-brainer to include it in Pawital’s new microbiota-supporting chew – Belly Champ.

Discover the groundbreaking supplement that is carefully designed to holistically support your dog’s health

Belly Champ might just be the first of it’s kind.

It’s nutritious base made of only two things: human-grade, wild-caught salmon and delicious sweet potato that make it rich in high quality protein, omega 3’s, vitamins and minerals.

We then pack this base with with clinically proven prebiotics and postbiotics, plus a hefty dose of active natural ingredients like yucca, seaweed, and turmeric.

These pre+postbiotics, EpiCor Pets and BPL1 (with 10B CFU per chew!), have been clinically proven to support gut health by increasing helpful microbiota, optimize immune system support, improve metabolic health and provide anti-inflammatory support. While most digestion products claim they work just based on anecdotal “evidence”, these two ingredients have been proven to work through rigorous scientific study.

All of these parts act together in synergy, making Belly Champ the perfect option for supporting a balanced microbiota and the long-term well-being of your dog.

And if you are wondering what results you can expect, here is a rundown:

Healthy and regular digestion - no smelly surprises

By keeping a balanced ratio between good and bad bacteria, it will help your dog break down food more efficiently.

This means far fewer issues such as bouts of diarrhea, excessive gas, and painful rumbling.

We also included yucca because of its amazing ability to keep our furry friend's odors in check. Studies show that with the help of compounds called saponins, it can reduce the smell of your furry friend's poop and flatulence.

Strong natural defenses - fewer vet visits

The postbiotics in Belly Champ enhance the immune system's function, which can result in fewer illnesses and seasonal maladies.

By modulating the immune response, they can also help the body differentiate between harmless and harmful substances, potentially reducing allergic reactions.

Flawless skin - without itching and yeast issues

One of the most common skin troubles in dogs is yeast overgrowth - which often happens when their microbiota is out of check.

Once it returns to order all issues like itchy paws and ears, smelly discharge, and rashes that are caused by the yeast disappear.

And by the way, have you always yearned for your dog to have that glossy magazine-cover fur?

A balanced gut can help in achieving a much shinier and denser coat.

A dog that is calm and happy as a clam

They might not be able to tell you, but your dog can become stressed, just like you.

A loud family with kids, a walk through a busy city, traveling for vacation, or even noise such as thunderstorms and fireworks can bring loads of anxiety and stress to our dogs.

Luckily, the connection between the gut and the brain is undeniable and scientifically proven.

So, it is no surprise that balancing the microbiota with postbiotics can reduce anxiety, stress, and make them more resilient to outside stressors.

Support your dog’s digestion, immunity, and overall well-being from the inside out, with the best science has to offer.

With Belly Champ you're investing in both your dog’s daily well-being and future vitality in the best way possible - the natural, holistic and scientifically backed way.

You'll help ensure they remain healthy, active, and by your side, feeling good and stealing every heart in the park for years to come.

Pawital helps maintain your dog's optimal health

"I'm happy to recommend Pawital, which is formulated to support internal bodily balance and helps maintain your dog's optimal health."

Aleksandar Pavsic
Dr. vet. med., Zamba Veterinarians

And it is not just about adding years to your dog’s life, but life to their years - keeping them comfortable and feeling their best, no matter what.

If all of that is important to you, simply click here, select your dog’s size and get ready to see your pet thrive >>