About Us

Premium-quality, human-grade, health support for your dog, made from real food and a balanced blend of active ingredients.

Our dogs are part of our family, and everyone in the family deserves quality nutrition to lift their well-being, vitality and spirit.

Unfortunately, though, most dog food is over-processed and made from nasty bits that we humans would never eat. The truth is that most dog supplements are either cheap treats with no real nutritional value or come in capsules, powders and pills which dogs hate.

At Pawital we believe dogs deserve nothing but the best. They deserve human-grade nutrition and unwavering health. No shortcuts, no compromises, no matter the cost.

Human-grade nutrition for your dog that boosts their well-being

  • Supplements that actually work, with extreme efficacy
  • Scientifically validated and clinically studied active ingredients that work together perfectly to promote your dog’s health
  • Made from natural whole foods and produced with a patented slow and gentle air-drying process that helps retain the full nutritional value of the ingredients
  • Hand-crafted in a small human-grade production facility in the UK with minimum processing
  • Delicious supplements that dogs go crazy for and are a joy to eat
  • Clean-label, natural formulations and hypoallergenic

What We Believe In

  • Doing our utmost to prolong our pets active, happy and joyful lives
  • Only what’s good enough for humans is also good enough for our pets
  • Always deliver true radical product efficacy
  • Minimum processing in production
  • It’s not just about solving short-term health issues, but about living a long, active, mobile and joyful life
  • All raw ingredients need to be ethically sourced and good for the planet, too

What We Fight Against

  • Low quality of input active ingredients (sub-standard manufacture practices, unethical practices, poor ingredient source)
  • Low quality of input raw food ingredients (unethically farmed animals, sub-standard farming processes)
  • Inadequate ingredient dosages that don’t deliver the promised benefits
  • Inadequate production processes that kill the nutritional value and benefits of active ingredients
  • Active ingredients without real scientific proof, studies or claims
  • Active ingredient blends that don’t work synergistically
  • Using filler inactive ingredients or additives that don’t add to the nutritional value of the product
  • Wrong product forms that don’t retain the active ingredient functionality

Our Story

We come from the world of human nutrition, with a simple goal of delivering the best possible health solutions for our pets, too.

Pet nutrition is plagued by the same problems as human nutrition.

  • Poor food nutritional values due to aggressive production practices and overprocessing,
  • poor nutritional choices,
  • and poor nutritional supplements because companies mainly focus on cutting costs.

With our deep experience from the world of human nutrition, we set out to build a new kind of breakthrough pet nutrition brand.

  • One where we don’t optimize for production costs, but optimize for extreme efficacy for our pets.
  • One where we do our utmost to protect the environment.
  • And one where we merge science with nature, but only use real human-grade ethically sourced whole foods, combined with the most cutting-edge scientifically validated active ingredients.

Our only north star is “quality”.

But not quality as this generic big word with no meaning, but quality in terms of extreme efficacy:

  • best active ingredients that work together to deliver the best results,
  • correct dosing,
  • and a production process that respects the ingredient and retains its natural nutritional value.
About Us

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