Our Product Formulation Philosophy

Driven by our mission to deliver the world’s healthiest and best performing pet supplements, our product formulation philosophy for our dog treats & toppers range is based on 3 pillars that are the foundation of every product we develop:

 Pillar Overview
The Whole Food Base
  • Whole food base mixture of ~60%+ of real ethically sourced wild salmon (not farmed!) and ~15%+ of sweet potato
  • Provides real flavor, extra protein and essential oils, vitamins and fibers to provide more healthy nutritional value to our dogs
  • Natural source of omega-3 fatty acids, digestible protein (salmon is 3x more digestible than chicken), and essential natural vitamins, including B6, vitamins C and A, potassium and fiber
  • The patented gentle air-dried production process guarantees our natural ingredients retain their nutritional values
The Core Active Ingredient(s)
  • Best-in-class, innovative and advanced active ingredients from the world’s top scientific suppliers
  • The functional backbone of Pawital products that assures we provide the optimal health solution for dogs
  • Always backed by studies that demonstrate efficacy
Support Active Ingredients
  • Secondary active ingredients that synergistically support the core active ingredients to solve adjacent issues, related with the core issue the product solves, or boost
  • Natural ingredients, traceable origin

Our Key Formulation Rules

  • No fillers, no additives, no artificial flavors
  • Correct dosage of every ingredient for scientifically proven claims
  • Best possible product formulation for the specific purpose of the product
  • Super tasty, so as to not cause any undue stress when feeding these supplements to our dogs
  • Use the right product forms to retain active ingredient functionality
  • Use the right product forms to deliver active ingredients to where they need to be delivered in the dog’s body to actually work
  • Production processes that fully preserve the nutritional value of our pet nutrition products, never over processing food and never killing the active ingredients
  • Human-grade quality, giving our pets the same quality of ingredient and production process as we do to ourselves
  • Hypoallergenic
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