Elevate Your Dog's Well-Being: Discover the Secret to a Long and Healthy Life with Improved Gut Health

The one thing most owners overlook that can make the biggest difference in their dog’s life.

Have you ever considered that the key to unlocking your dog's vibrant health and happiness lies within their own body?

What if we told you that we know an organ which even the most loving owners often accidentally neglect? An organ that is responsible for keeping your dog’s immune system strong, energy levels high, mood balanced, and overall well-being in check. And what if we told you that you have the opportunity to nurture this organ (and your dog's health) with a single, daily action?

What organ are we talking about?

Their gut.

You can help your dog feel their best selves by caring for their gut health.

Research shows that the gut is a remarkable powerhouse that influences far more than just digestion. Your dog’s gut works hard to protect them from harmful germs, to uphold their immune system and it even has an impact on their mood and mental health!

The gut, and the millions of good micro bacteria that it hosts, work hard day and night to ensure your dog is thriving. If these micro bacteria are out of balance the change can negatively impact your dog’s mood and health.

In fact, shifts in the canine microbiome have been recorded accompanying illnesses like chronic diarrhoea, obesity, and even anxiety. The impact that the gut has on your dog’s mood is hardly surprising as the vast majority of serotonin production originates from the intestines. Seretonin not only mediates satisfaction, happiness and optimism but also impacts sleep, nausea, wound healing, bone health and more. And the source of it all? That’s right, is in the gut and the bacteria which live inside it.

If you neglect the importance of nourishing your dog’s microbiota you risk their physical and mental wellbeing.

However, the unfortunate news is that today gut health is overlooked and diminished at the hands of companies who sell overprocessed, bland, food that is low in nutrients and made for profit.

Most dog food is overprocessed and made from nasty bits that we humans would never eat.

Sadly most pet industry producers today see our pets as a quiet consumer that will take anything on offer and never get a chance to complain. So they stack their products with low-quality ingredients, inadequate active ingredient dosages, and cheap production processes that enable them to make as much money as possible.

Unfortunately, though, many well-meaning pet owners unknowingly subject their beloved companions to these highly processed foods lacking the essential nutrients that nurture the gut's microbiota. The result? Their dog's gut health suffers, affecting not only digestion but also their overall wellness and mood.

An unhealthy microbiota can lead to discomfort like irregular stool, excessive gas, scratching and allergies, low energy levels and mood swings.

What now?

Lucky for you, we have your back.

At Pawital we believe dogs deserve nothing but the best. They deserve human-grade nutrition and unwavering health. No shortcuts, no compromises, no matter the cost.

That’s why we rolled up our sleeves and developed new, premium-quality, dog supplements that are all-natural, made from real whole food, and are irresistibly tasty. Our chewable supplements are backed by science and enriched with ground-breaking active ingredients. Our postbiotic chews will help your dog’s gut flourish, make them feel like their best selves and lighten their mood.

Why do we do it?

So our dogs can live their best lives, have the best time and live for as long as possible. For happy, joyful, mobile, active and healthy dogs!

It’s not just about solving short-term health issues, but about living a long, active, mobile and joyful life.

Place your dog’s health first with Pawital Belly Champ

Your dog’s health is at the heart of everything we do and we are here to deliver only what is best for your dog.

Belly Champ stands out for several compelling reasons:

First and foremost is our unique whole food base. Comprising 60% ethically sourced wild salmon and 15% sweet potato our supplements contain no artificial flavourings or colour. Our supplement base brings both delectable flavour and a host of health benefits. The ingredients pack an additional dose of digestible protein, essential omega-3 fatty acids, and a wealth of vitamins and fibres. Notable among these vitamins are B6, vitamins C and A, and potassium - all of which contribute to a wholesome nutritional profile that supports your dog's vitality.

 With our supplements, your dog will not only be able to reap the benefits of the ingredients but also enjoy the nutrients that are preserved with our careful, gentle, production process. The patented air-drying technique that we use in the production process ensures that the natural goodness of our ingredients remains uncompromised, preserving their full nutritional value.

At the heart of our products lies the core active ingredients, sourced from the world's premier scientific suppliers. This EpiCor blend of active ingredients has been tested through rigorous studies and has proven to increase a dog’s immunity rating by an astounding 95% - providing a hefty dose of fortifying goodness.

Try Pawital now and do what is best for your dog.

Say goodbye to smelly surprises

By supporting your dog’s gut health and maintaining a balanced microbiota,

Pawital helps your dog break down food more efficiently.

This means far fewer issues such as bouts of diarrhea, excessive gas, and painful rumbling.

Enhance Immunity

The postbiotics in our supplements enhance the immune system's function, which can result in fewer illnesses and seasonal maladies.

By modulating the immune response, they can also help the body differentiate between harmless and harmful substances, potentially reducing allergic reactions.

No more itching and yeast issues

One of the most common skin troubles in dogs is yeast overgrowth - which often happens when their microbiota is out of check.

Balance your dog’s gut with Pawital Belly Champ and fight itchy paws and ears, smelly discharge, and rashes that are caused by yeast overgrowth.

Nurture your dog’s mental health.

They might not be able to tell you, but your dog can become stressed, just like you.

A loud family with kids, a walk through a busy city, travelling for vacation, or even noise such as thunderstorms and fireworks can bring loads of anxiety and stress to our dogs.

Luckily, a healthy gut can help your dog fight anxiety and depression. Reduce anxiety, and make your dog more resilient to outside stressors with Pawital.

If you could significantly increase the quality of your dog’s life with just one simple action every day, would you do it?

Pawital helps maintain your dog's optimal health

"I'm happy to recommend Pawital, which is formulated to support internal bodily balance and helps maintain your dog's optimal health."

Aleksandar Pavsic
Dr. vet. med., Zamba Veterinarians

A Pawital Belly Champ a day keeps the vet away and stress at bay.

Invest in your dog’s well-being and future vitality with Pawital Belly Champ in the best way possible - the natural, holistic and scientifically backed way.

You'll help ensure your dog remains healthy, active, and by your side, feeling good and living their best life for years to come.

And it is not just about adding years to your dog’s life, but life to their years - keeping them comfortable and feeling their best, no matter what.

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