About Our Production and Treats

Every Pawital product is lovingly made in a human-grade family-owned and operated micro facility in the UK.

We only use human-grade ingredients and make sure that our gentle air-dried production process fully retains their nutritional value.

  • Handcrafting: We mince real human-grade whole food
  • Healthy-fying: We add the active ingredients
  • Air-Drying: We gently air-dry below 40°C for up to a week
  • Finishing: We slice, pack and quality-check each treat

About Our Treats

Our treats are real food.

Made from ~60%+ wild-caught salmon and ~15%+ sweet potato, and then simply air-dried with minimum processing to protect the integrity, nutrient value, function and efficacy of our ingredients.

No fillers, no additives, no artificial flavorings.

The Pawital Treat Difference

Minimal processing, gentle air-drying

Pawital is produced with minimal processing that retains both the nutrient value of our whole food base and the efficacy and function of our active ingredients.

Many other treats use overprocessing at higher temperatures which may destroy the efficacy of active ingredients, which especially often happens with probiotics that get destroyed during the production process, making them entirely ineffective.

Human-grade ingredients

We don’t use farmed or 3rd grade salmon, but human-grade wild caught salmon that’s better than what most supermarkets sell for humans.

With Pawital you can be sure that your dog isn’t getting junk that’s not fit for anyone to eat.

Dogs love it, zero stress when feeding

Dogs just love eating Pawital, meaning zero stress for you when feeding it and especially zero stress for your dog. Because feeding it is so easy you can be certain that all the active ingredients will make it to the stomach.

Delivers active ingredients into the stomach

Our treat and active ingredients are formulated to deliver the ingredients exactly where they’re needed to do their work.

That’s often a problem when mixing broken-down tablets or the contents of capsules with food, as those active ingredients can be rendered ineffective by the digestion process before even making it to the right place.

Ethically sourced

With Pawital you don’t need to worry about poor animal farming conditions and welfare. We only use 100% ethically sourced ingredients. The production plant that produces Pawital is further zero waste, zero to landfill, uses zero fossil fuels and uses recyclable packaging.

Additional Whole Food Base Benefits

Just our whole food base of salmon and sweet potato alone is a nutrient power bomb, giving your dog access to essential vitamins, minerals and omega-3 fatty acids.

The treat doesn’t just carry the active ingredients, but also provides a host of other health benefits for your dog.


Salmon is clinically proven to have better digestibility than chicken and is especially recommended for dogs with sensitive stomachs. It’s also the only meat ingredient used in dog treats that has high natural levels of omega 3, up to 4g per 100g of salmon.

Omega 3

Omega 3 is key to healthy skin and coat, and also essential to manage inflammation.

Vitamin E

Among other vitamins, salmon also contains Vitamin E, which together with Omega 3, delivers antioxidative and anti-inflammatory support.

Sweet Potato

Sweet potato is one of the best sources of vitamin A, which promotes healthy skin, coat, eyes, nerves and muscles. Also a rich source of Vitamins A, C, B6, potassium, calcium and iron.

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