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If Your Dog Itches, Paw Licks or Eats Grass, These Postbiotics are a Must. Here’s Why.

The 5 Silent Distress Signals

If your dog is itching excessively, licking their paws, eating grass, or scratching their ears, it could mean something inside their body needs help.

And it’s up to us, as loving dog parents, to act fast.

Many dog owners don’t understand that visible signs of discomfort like these are often the result of deeper problems in their body.

When a dog itches excessively, it’s a common sign that one of their most important organs is unwell - their gut.

A Gut Overwhelmed with Bad Bacteria and Yeast

When a dog’s gut is overwhelmed with bad bacteria and even yeast, it can cause a hyperactive immune system.

A dog with a hyperactive immune system will react to even the slightest allergens in the air, causing it to start excessively scratching.

Helping your dog regain bacterial balance in their gut will help with scratching and at the same time also improve your dog’s digestive health and overall body balance.

Support Your Dog’s Gut with Postbiotics

Postbiotics maintain a good bacterial balance in your dog’s gut.

Adding postbiotics to your dog’s diet will ensure that the good bacteria in the gut outnumber the bad bacteria, and prevent the bad bacteria from causing havoc in your dog’s body.

This surge of support is designed to re-balance your dog’s gut and promote a healthy, happy dog - free from constant health issues.

Why Postbiotics and Not Probiotics?

  1. As shown by laboratory testing, probiotics rarely survive the dog treat production process. Even if you think you’re giving your dog probiotics, chances are those probiotics are already dead and don’t work.
  2. It’s the postbiotics that actually slow down the growth of bad bacteria in your dog’s gut. Getting postbiotics into your dog’s gut is anyway the ultimate goal when taking probiotics. Taking postbiotics will deliver the “goods” straight into your dog’s gut.

Are There Clinically Proven Postbiotics?

The problem with pet supplements is that most products are based on ingredients that have no real studies behind them. To really help your dog, go with clinically validated ingredients.

Here are two postbiotics that are extensively clinically studied:

  • Epicor Pets has been tested in over 18 clinical studies to prove that it supports a healthy and varied microbiota, a strong immune system and digestion that runs like clockwork.
  • Bifidobacterium animalis BPL is clinically proven to increase helpful microbiota and also support your dog’s metabolic health (to reduce the risk of conditions such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, kidnex disease, liver disease).