Ask the vet: Low calorie snacks for neutered dogs


I've started giving my dog, who will eat anything and everything all day long, Prolife Sterilised Sensitive Dry—100g a day and 70g of Virtus Pork or 50g of Stew. I am trying to divide it into three meals because she is always hungry. During the day, she loves buffalo sticks or ears to play with and chew on. She walks for half an hour a day but doesn't like to be outside much. She is very anxious. However, we do supplement with Pawital postbiotic and a joint product because I noticed a sort of crunch in her left hind leg—around the hip area, not the knee. Now everything is fine. Can you suggest some snacks that will fill her tummy but have fewer calories and satisfy her?


We're thrilled to learn that your dog is experiencing positive effects from our nutritional supplements.

I fully support your decision to opt for Prolife Sterilised, specially formulated for sterilized dogs, with its naturally lower energy content. Dividing the portions into three meals could help sustain a sense of fullness throughout the day.

Considering your dog's weight, I've calculated a daily energy requirement of 630 kcal/day. With 100 g of Prolife Sterilised, your dog receives 360 kcal, and with 70 g of Prolife Pork wet food, he obtains 70 kcal. This amounts to a total of approximately 430 kcal. You can incorporate treats to provide an additional 200 kcal, ensuring you stay within the daily energy limit.

In terms of low-calorie snacks, I suggest incorporating vegetables and fruits into your dog's diet. Not only do they provide dietary fiber for satiety, but they also deliver essential vitamins and minerals vital for your dog's overall well-being.

I've included a table below detailing examples of fruits and vegetables along with their respective energy values, which you can confidently offer to your dog.

Apple Raw, sliced, without seeds 52 kcal
Beans (green) Raw or cooked 31 kcal
Blueberries Fresh or frozen 57 kcal
Carrots Raw, sliced 41 kcal
Celery Raw 16 kcal
Peas Fresh or frozen 42 kcal
Pumpkin Cooked and cubed 45 kcal
Squash Cooked 16 kcal
Strawberries Fresh or frozen 32 kcal
Watermelon Fresh, without seeds 30 kcal
Zucchini Raw or cooked, sliced 17 kcal