Ask the vet: Anxiety after feeding


My dog, found on the street, becomes agitated after her meals she starts biting and licking her vulva for 5 minutes. It is like a crisis, with nervousness and agitation.  

We've done all the tests, blood, urine, vaginal swab, abdominal ultrasound, dermatological examination, everything is OK, they’ve found nothing .... Before this crisis arose she was licking her vulva at all times everywhere. 

I want to try your products out, if you can recommend which one.


It seems to me like your dog might be dealing with some form of anxiety disorder. It's reassuring that the vet's tests came back clear, ruling out more serious illnesses. Since the episodes only occur for about 5 minutes after feeding, they're unlikely to be directly related to the food type but rather have a psychological basis. Your vet might suggest medication to help calm your dog during these episodes.

Regarding nutritional supplements, I don't anticipate them resolving your dog's issue directly. However, I still recommend our product, Wunder Dog, for its overall benefits to canine health. It contains postbiotics that aid in supporting intestinal microflora, thereby enhancing the immune system. Additionally, it includes clinically proven ingredients that promote skin and coat health, reducing scratching and licking.