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80%+ Dogs Develop Joint Issues - But You Can Still Help Your Dog

These 9 signals will tell you if you need to worry and take action now, before it’s too late.

1 in 4 dogs of all ages suffer from joint problems.

Even worse, research shows that over 80% of dogs older than 8 years face some kind of joint-related issue.

Joint Health is About Holistic Dog Health, Happiness and Live

Joint issues aren’t just an inconvenience.

They diminish our dog’s quality of life, bit by bit. Dogs with joint issues become lethargic, don’t want to walk or run anymore, and just can’t have fun in their lives anymore.

Even worse, unresolved joint issues are among the lading reasons that eventually force dog owners to choose euthanasia for their best friends.

Watch Out For These 9 Early Signs of Distress

  1. The Faded Enthusiasm: your dog is less enthusiastic for a morning walk or play
  2. The Uncertain Pause: you see them hesitating a bit, for example before jumping on the couch, or you see them recalibrate their leap or walk in a slightly different rhythm
  3. The Slow Morning Rises: it’s getting harder to get them out of bed in the morning
  4. The Uneven Stride: a small limp, a bit of extra weight on one paw when walking
  5. The Hesitant Climb: standing a bit unsure infront of their once-favorite perch or stairs
  6. The Shift in Stance: minor tweaks in posture, such as the pup standing or sitting a bit differently
  7. The Endless Nibbles: constantly nibbling at their paws or the insides of their legs toulc be the sign they’re trying to massage away the ache
  8. The Shrinking from Touch: do they flinch when you touch their back or gently pull away when you pet them
  9. The Mood Change: if your dogs bubbly nature turns into contemplative or they seem lost in thought more often, they might be tired from their joint discomfort

Act Before It’s Too Late

With joint problems, taking early action can make all the difference.

  • It can prevent problems from escalating
  • It helps to avoid medication for as long as possible
  • It helps maintain mobility and independence, which greatly increases their quality of life
  • Early intervention is more cost effective than bigger treatments on the long-run

What Can You Do Today?

There’s no stopping aging, but you can fix many joint problems, and also add extra years of vitality and mobility to your dog.

There are hundreds of joint care supplements available on the market. The problem with most is:

  • They do not contain big enough doses of active ingredients to actually work
  • They are based on active ingredients for which their is no scientific proof that they work

To help your dog, the important thing is to select one with clinically proven results that attacks the problem at the source.

Pawital Power Move is Clinically Proven to Work

Pawital Power Move is a holistic joint solution that helps your dog’s joints from the inside out. 

The formula is built around Ovopet, an eggshell-derived active ingredient that is clinically proven to work.