Can my dog take Belly Champ?

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Health Issue

Safe to Use? Additional Info
Any dog breed Yes Belly Champ is suitable for all dog breeds
Any dog size Yes Belly Champ is suitable for all dog sizes
Puppies (under 6 months) No Not suitable for dogs under 6 months
Puppies (above 6 months) Yes Suitable for dogs over 6 months
Portosys-temic Shunt Yes Adjust diet to account for salmon content.
Pancreatitis Yes Belly Champ contains 12% fat (app. 0.96g/treat). Ensure total fat content from food does not exceed 15%.
Dysbiosis Yes Belly Champ supports gut microbiome health.
Pancreatic Liver Failure or other liver problems Yes No ingredients in Belly Champ or Wunder Dog harm the liver.
Food Allergies/ Dermatitis Yes Belly Champ is hypoallergenic and doesn't contain any allergens.
Leishman-iasis Yes Use Belly Champ regularly for long-term immune support.
Chronic Gastritis Yes Belly Champ supports your dog's digestive health. Do review the ingredient list to make sure your dog has no specific intolerances to Belly Champ ingredients.
Chronic Enteritis Yes Supports gut health and helps with digestion issues.
Pancreatic Insufficiency Yes Helps gut flora. Use regularly for long-term health.
Malassezia Yes Supports immunity and gut health.