Ask the Vet: Allergic Reactions to Food


I have 2 yorkies. The male is born on June 9th and the female is 8th in early November 2023. The female especially develops pustules under...the right front armpit. After changing her diet and antibiotic treatment she is now better, but not completely. Now they eat FARMINA HYPOALLERGENIC white fish. I will be happy for any advice.


I agree with transitioning to a hypoallergenic diet as the initial step in identifying allergies. Based on my experience, Farmina is a great choice. Its primary ingredients, white fish and potatoes, are known to rarely trigger allergic reactions in dogs.

When implementing a hypoallergenic diet, we can expect improvement after at least six weeks of consistent use. During this period, it's essential to avoid offering any other treats or human food to your dog. While managing two dogs may pose challenges in strictly segregating their diets, doing so is paramount to confirming any potential allergies.

Considering your dog's current diet's relatively low protein content (15.5%), I recommend that you later explore a monoprotein diet with higher crude protein levels. Additionally, for your puppy, opting for kibble specifically formulated for puppies would be advantageous. Farmina offers excellent options, such as N&D Ocean Cod, Pumpkin, and Cantaloupe Melon Puppy Mini, boasting a crude protein content of 35%.

If you decide to transition to a new food later on, it's crucial to do so gradually, ideally over a week, to prevent any potential digestive issues.

In conjunction with the hypoallergenic diet, you may incorporate our products, Wunder Dog or Belly Champ. These formulations adhere to hypoallergenic principles, with salmon and sweet potatoes as their primary ingredients. They are specifically designed to promote a healthy intestinal microflora and enhance the immune system, providing holistic support for your pet's overall well-being.